European Athletics U20 Championships Borås, 18-21 July 2019 - Ryavallen Athletics Stadium

Welcome to Borås

Borås, the city by Viskan river, is a thriving and vibrant place full of colour, nature, art, and design – and in July 2019, the home to Europe’s finest in athletics. As Sweden’s 13th city with over 111.000 inhabitants, Borås perfectly balances between being a big city and a small town. Big enough to encompass a wide range of entertainments, culture and services but small enough to have everything at close range.


A city of sports

Borås has long been a city of sports. The city is blessed with one of the best basketball teams in Sweden, Borås Basket, as well as the football team IF Elfsborg, who always gather a great crowd at Ryavallen and Borås Arena. The arena is proudly embellished with a mural of the city’s famous football player Anders Svensson. One of athletics’ greatest, the Olympic champion Carolina Klüft, was also born in Borås and has competed at Ryavallen several times. Many stars have stepped out onto the ground of Ryavallen over the years, to win championship titles and break records. Who will be the next star to reach new heights during the European Athletics U20 Championships 2019?


Vibrant public outdoor gallery

But the city is not only a place for sports. If you mention Borås to anybody with an interest in art, they will soon rave about the city’s fantastic museums, sculptures and street art. Most everyone in Sweden knows of the nine meter tall bronze sculpture of Pinocchio – Walking to Borås by Jim Dine, and other sculptures in town include, but are not limited to, House of Knowledge by Jaume Plensa, Declination by Tony Cragg, Vibration by Xavier Veilhan, and Non-Violence by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. The street art festival No Limit has also contributed to the vibrant cityscape, with international artists transforming the city into a giant outdoor gallery with everything from installations to 25 meter tall murals. The festival has been held for three years, in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and in 2019 it will happen again. The art is best enjoyed on a guided tour, but wherever you go you will experience colourful and thought provoking works of art, whether it is on the side of buildings, in the city park or in the main square.


Textile heritage

The city is also famous for its fashion and design, and the local region has enjoyed a solid reputation as a centre of textiles for decades, even centuries. The textile industry made Borås into one of Sweden’s most expansive cities in the 1900’s, and in the 1960’s, the industry employed two thirds of the industrial workers in Borås. At fashion and textile fairs across the world, Borås is a well renowned place. The Swedish School of Textiles and Nordiska Textilakademin, both based in Borås, are two examples of leading Swedish schools for the textile designers of the future. The textile tradition is even more relevant than ever today, with Textile Fashion Center, Borås and Sweden’s international centre for fashion, textiles and design, at the heart of the city. Borås is also the centre of Nordic mail order, with many well-known businesses based here. Examples are H&M, Gina Tricot, Ellos Group and Consortio Fashion Group, including Bubbleroom, Cellbes and Halens. Millions of packages are sent from the area every year.


Historical place for trade

The city first started as a place for trade in the 1500’s, with local farmers supplementing their income by selling handicrafts, textiles and wooden goods. The traders, called “knalle”, wandered across large parts of the country to sell their goods, which at the time was illegal. But king Gustaf II Adolf made an exception for Borås when he founded the city in 1621. With the new city privileges, the merchants had the right to trade wherever they wanted, as long as the goods had been declared for customs in Borås. Since then, the city has only grown as a city of trade. For 400 years, the “knalle” wandered the country to sell their goods. They even developed their own language called Månsing, which included words such as “fika”, still used to this day for drinking coffee and/or eating something sweet.


A city with ambition

Borås is simply, and always has been, a city with a lot of ambition. And we are building like never before. Cafés and restaurants are popping up on every street-corner, next to tall buildings and event arenas. Borås is a city full of experiences waiting to be discovered. Not least Borås Zoo, one of the best zoos in Sweden, indoor and outdoor swimming areas in the middle of the city, and a beautiful countryside with vast forests always within easy reach.


Welcome to Borås, to enjoy Colourful Moments Together.

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